Unified Human Rights Framework on Equality

Perks, K., and de Chickera, A., The Silent Stateless and the Unhearing World: Can Equality Compel Us to Listen?, The Equal Rights Review, Volume Three

This is an article by Katherine Perks and Amal de Chickera entitled The Silent Stateless and the Unhearing World: Can Equality Compel Us to Listen? It was published in volume three of The Equal Rights Review.

UNESCO Convention against Discrimination in Education

Article 1 of this Convention defines discrimination in education to include acts or omissions that have the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing equality of treatment in education, in particular, (a) the effect of depriving any person or group of persons of access to education of any type or at any level; (b) of limiting any person or group of persons to education of an inferior standard; (c) subject to the provisions of article 2 of this Convention, of establishing or maintaining separate educational systems or institutions for persons or groups of persons; or (d) of inflicting on

Declaration of Principles on Equality - Russian Translation

Russian Translation of the Declaration of Principles on Equality. The Declaration seeks to broaden the consensus, generate interest and debate and thus contribute to reaffirming and developing the right to equality. The principles formulated and agreed by the experts are based on concepts and jurisprudence developed in international, regional and national legal contexts. They are intended to assist efforts of legislators, the judiciary, civil society organisations and anyone else involved in combating discrimination and promoting equality.