Theories of Equality and Non-Discrimination

Declaration of Principles on Equality - Russian Translation

Russian Translation of the Declaration of Principles on Equality. The Declaration seeks to broaden the consensus, generate interest and debate and thus contribute to reaffirming and developing the right to equality. The principles formulated and agreed by the experts are based on concepts and jurisprudence developed in international, regional and national legal contexts. They are intended to assist efforts of legislators, the judiciary, civil society organisations and anyone else involved in combating discrimination and promoting equality.

ERR Volume One - Whole

The Equal Rights Review, Volume One (2008) containing:

Dimitrina Petrova, A Right to Equality Integral to Universal Human Rights: Editor’s Welcome to The Equal Rights Review
Jarlath Clifford, Locating Equality: from Historical Philosophical Thought to Modern Legal Norms
Paola Uccellari, Multiple Discrimination: How Law Can Reflect Reality
Patrick Delaney, Legislating for Equality in Colombia: Constitutional Jurisprudence, Tutelas, and Social Reform
Claude Cahn, Slums, the Right to Adequate Housing and the Ban on Discrimination