Sexual Orientation

Washing the Tigers - Full

Washing the Tigers: Addressing Discrimination and Inequality in Malaysia is the second report in ERT?s country report series. It is the first ever comprehensive account of discrimination and inequalities on all grounds and in all areas of life in Malaysia. It is based on extensive field research and makes a set of detailed recommendations for reforms to law, policy and practice in respect of equality and non-discrimination.

In the Spirit of Harambee: Addressing Discrimination and Inequality in Kenya

For those seeking greater equality in Kenya, this is a time of hope. In 2010, the people of Kenya seized the opportunity for national renewal presented in the wake of the 2008 post-election violence, and adopted a new Constitution that enshrined a strong right to equality. Coming at the end of a decade which saw the introduction of laws prohibiting discrimination on grounds of disability, race and ethnicity and HIV status, and on a range of grounds in respect of employment, the Constitution marked the largest improvement in Kenya's legal framework on equality and non-discrimination.

Letter to Commonwealth Heads of Government re. Laws criminalising same-sex sexual conduct in Commonwealth nations

A letter from the Equal Rights Trust to Commonwealth General Secretary Kamalesh Sharma urging the repeal of Legislation that Criminalises Same-Sex Sexual Conduct and calling upon the Heads of Government to establish a Ministerial Action Group to address the issue of laws criminalising same-sex sexual conduct and advise states on the legal implications of retaining such laws, and to include a commitment to tackling laws criminalising same-sex sexual conduct in the final communique of the 2011 meeting.

ERT Case Summary: Alekseyev v Russia (Applications nos. 4916/07, 25924/08 and 14599/09)

This is the ERT case summary of the European Court of Human Rights decision in Alekseyev v Russia (application nos. 4916/07, 25924/08 and 14599/09). The Court found a violation of Article 14 (right to non-discrimination) in conjunction with Article 11 (freedom of assembly and association). The case summary sets out the reference details, facts, legal arguments and decision of the case.