Sexual Orientation

Breaking the silence: criminalisation of lesbians and bisexual women and its impact

Extract from Human Dignity Trust: This Briefing Note considers the history, extent and nature of laws criminalising consensual sexual intimacy between women, and the homophobia anti-lesbian gay bisexual and transgender criminal laws of all varieties foster and perpetuate against lesbians and bisexual women as a particular group.

Evidence of Discrimination in Public Accommodations Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: An Analysis of Complaints Filed with State Enforcement Agencies, 2008-2014

Extract on the report taken from the website of the Williams Institute: Lesbian gay bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people file public accommodations discrimination complaints based on sexual orientation and gender identity as frequently as people of colour and women file complaints based on race and sex. This study examines complaints filed with state enforcement agencies based on sexual orientation or gender identity, race, and sex and adjusted them by the number of adults most likely to experience each type of discrimination – LGBT people, people of colour, and women. Data on discriminat

Backlash, Consensus, Legitimacy, or Polarization: The Effect of Same-sex Marriage Policy on Mass Attitudes

Abstract from the article: What are the effects of judicial action and policy implementation on attitude change? The previous literature indicates that attitudes may change, but there is some debate about its direction...In 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court made historic decisions on same-sex marriage, and residents in some states had same-sex marriage legalized. Given this variation, we decompose the multiple pathways attitudes change among residents in different policy contexts over time.

НА МЕЖІ: Вирішення проблем дискримінації та нерівності в Україні

НА МЕЖІ: Вирішення проблем дискримінації та нерівності в Україні (In the Crosscurrents: Addressing Discrimination and Inequality in Ukraine) is the fifth report in the Equal Rights Trust's country report series. It is the first ever comprehensive account of discrimination and inequalities on all grounds and in all areas of life in Ukraine.