Positive Action

Volodina v. Russia - Written submissions of the Equal Rights Trust - 5 July 2018

These proceedings concern a state’s response to complaints of persistent and serious gender-based violence. This violence was perpetrated by a private actor – the applicant’s ex-partner – and was reported to the police on a number of occasions. The applicant claims that the state authorities failed to protect her against such violence and that the police refused to institute criminal proceedings in connection with the allegations of abuse and battery against the perpetrator.

Letter to UK PM David Cameron on the Red Tape Challenge

In this letter, The Equal Rights Trust calls on UK Prime Minister David Cameron not to repeal or emasculate the Equality Act 2010, stating that such a move would both damage the UK?s international reputation and limit the UK?s ability to meet its international law obligations to respect, protect and fulfil the rights to equality and non-discrimination. The letter comes in response to the inclusion of the Equality Act in the Red Tape Challenge ? a consultation on the impact of regulations which are perceived to affect business performance ?