Equality and Socio-Economic Rights

Economic and Social Rights in the Courtroom: A Litigator's Guide to Using Equality and Non-Discrimination Strategies to Advance Economic and Social Rights

The Guide identifies equality and non-discrimination strategies that NGOs, lawyers and activists may employ in seeking to advance economic and social rights (ESRs) before courts.It is split into three parts; having introduced the rights framework, the Guide identifies conceptual and practical reasons why equality and non-discrimination arguments should be employed when challenging violations of ESRs, it then presents clear and practical guidance on how to use equality and non-discrimination strategies in courtrooms around the world.

ERR Volume One - Whole

The Equal Rights Review, Volume One (2008) containing:

Dimitrina Petrova, A Right to Equality Integral to Universal Human Rights: Editor’s Welcome to The Equal Rights Review
Jarlath Clifford, Locating Equality: from Historical Philosophical Thought to Modern Legal Norms
Paola Uccellari, Multiple Discrimination: How Law Can Reflect Reality
Patrick Delaney, Legislating for Equality in Colombia: Constitutional Jurisprudence, Tutelas, and Social Reform
Claude Cahn, Slums, the Right to Adequate Housing and the Ban on Discrimination