Equality and Socio-Economic Rights

Equal Rights Review Vol 15 (2015)

From the abstract:

This issue of the Equal Rights Review is about equality and non-discrimination in the area of employment – thus going back home, as it were, to take a look at the oldest area of equality law. In doing so, it confirms that – unsurprisingly – this is where we find equality law to be at its most advanced, both in terms of national legislation, jurisprudence, and effective protection.

My Children's Future: Ending Gender Discrimination in Nationality Laws

A report from the Equal Rights Trust which assesses the negative impact of gender discriminatory laws in Madagascar and Nepal which affect families lives as they are unable to access housing, jobs, education and healthcare alongside other basic human rights. The report also looks at countries which have reformed their laws - sharing their experiences and lessons. It serves to raise awareness on the issue and to encourage the remaining 27 countries around the world who implement such laws to enact reform and improve the lives of families affected.