Submission to Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen - June 2018

The Trust has been working to document and combat discrimination and other human rights abuses in Yemen since 2014, in the context of the project Protecting and empowering human rights defenders in Yemen and improving their capacity to challenge human rights abuses, funded by the European Union through its European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights. As part of this project, the Trust has been working to develop a comprehensive report on equality and non-discrimination in Yemen, based on a combination of primary in-country field research and extensive desk-based research.

Yemen - UPR (3rd cycle) - written submissions of the Equal Rights Trust

This submission focuses on the enjoyment of the rights to equality and non-discrimination in Yemen and examines in particular the impact of the ongoing conflict on the enjoyment of these rights. It presents the findings, conclusions and recommendations of the Equal Rights Trust’s recently published report “From Night to Darker Night: Addressing Discrimination and Inequality in Yemen, which is the result of field and desk-based research conducted over a number of years. 

“Sifting the Grain” presenting testimony of discrimination and inequality in Yemen

Today, the Equal Rights Trust launches its new report Sifting the Grain: 6,000 Testimonies of Discrimination and Inequality from Yemen, which presents an analysis of extensive field research on discrimina­tion, inequality and other human rights abuses conducted in Yemen by eleven field research teams between 2015 and 2017 and analysed by Yemeni researchers in 2018.


Yemen is in the midst of a crisis in which human rights defenders are particularly at risk, facing persecution, violence and even death. We are working to support the crucial work of human rights defenders through direct assistance to keep them safe and secure. We are also providing training and support to enable human rights defenders to document patterns of discrimination in the country and to advocate for legal reforms to improve protections.