9 countries, 7 months & 400 stakeholders engaged – first stage of our ambitious project complete

In July, the Equal Rights Trust completed its final factfinding mission as part of its work promoting the implementation of three UN conventions and seven core International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions in nine countries around the world. During our missions, we have met with approximately 400 representatives from civil society and trade unions, gathering critical information on how best to strengthen their efforts to monitor and advocate for the effective implementation of the conventions in their respective countries.

LGBT activist Mamikon Hovespyan announced as equality award winner for 2017

The Equal Rights Trust is delighted to announce Mr Mamikon Hovsepyan, Executive Director of PINK Armenia as the winner of the 2017 Bob Hepple Equality Award. Despite facing considerable challenges, Mr Hovsepyan has fought tirelessly to combat discrimination against LGBT individuals in Armenia. In addition, he has advocated a holistic approach to non-discrimination, working to challenge violence against women, and collaborating with other members of the Non-Discrimination and Equality Coalition to promote the adoption of comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation in Armenia.

Failure to Investigate Torture of Political Opposition Activist Found to be Discriminatory

London, 15 October 2012 
On 2 October 2012, the Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (the Court/ ECtHR) published its judgment in the case of Virabyan v Armenia, the first case in which a failure to investigate the potential political motivations for torture in custody has been found to be a breach of Article 14 together with the procedural element of Article 3.