Increased Expertise and Capacity of Equality Defenders

Increasing the expertise and capacity of equality defenders to secure the adoption and implementation of equality laws is at the heart of our strategy. We will achieve this Goal by building on our successful work providing technical, strategic and practical support to equality defenders to engage in advocacy, litigation and the provision of legal services, and by supporting them to develop an evidence base on the need for improved equality laws.

Two women chattingOutcome 2.1: Increased capacity among equality defenders to advocate for the adoption of comprehensive equality laws 

Indicators of achievement:

  • 2000 more equality defenders with under­standing of international standards on equali­ty and best practice in national equality laws.
  • Equality coalitions in 15 states are supported to advocate for the adoption of comprehen­sive equality laws.
  • 5 states with new or substantially improved comprehensive national equality laws.

Outcome 2.2: Greater capacity among equality defenders to secure access to justice for victims of discrimination
Indicators of achievement:

  • 5000 victims of discrimination receive qual­ity legal assistance from equality defenders.

A group of lawyers sit around a table, discussing

Outcome 2.3: Increased expertise among equality defenders to litigate to improve judicial interpretation of equality laws

Indicators of achievement:

  • 100 strategic cases brought before national courts by equality defenders.
  • 10 strategic cases brought before regional or international bodies by equality defenders.
  • 20 judgments improving protection from dis­crimination.

Outcome 2.4: Improved capacity among equality defenders to document and expose discrimination

Indicators of achievement:

  • Increased and improved evidence of discrimi­nation in 25 states as a result of monitoring and documentation by equality defenders.