A Growing International Network of Equality Defenders

Our third Goal provides the essential link between Goals 1 and 2, by building a vibrant internation­al network of equality defenders to exchange information and share expertise. We will achieve this through building on our work over the last 10 years to support the development of equality coalitions at the national level, establishing an international network for all those committed to creating an equal world through law. 

Outcome 3.1: A growing international community of equality defenders 

Women and girls campaign in Nepal against gender discriminatory nationality laws
Women and girls campaign in Nepal against its gender discriminatory nationality law

Indicators of achievement:

  • 5,000 individuals and organisations commit­ted to achieving a more equal world through the adoption and implementation of equality laws.
  • 100% increase in the number of legal ex­perts providing pro bono and other assis­tance directly to our mission.
  • 100% increase in the number of equality defenders participating in the Equality Volun­teers Network.

Outcome 3.2: Increased collaboration between equality defenders at the national level

Indicators of achievement:

  • 10 new national equality coalitions, networks or forums developed and established.
  • Existing equality coalitions in 15 states are stronger and more sustainable.

Outcome 3.3: Growing international collaboration between equality defenders

Indicators of achievement:

  • A global equality defenders network, open to all those working to promote equality for all.
  • More equality defenders engaged in the network each year, growing to 2,000.

Outcome 3.4: Greater international exchange of ideas, experiences and information between equality defenders

Indicators of achievement:

  • A multi-lingual e-learning platform, providing training modules and materials, e-seminars and resources for equality defenders.
  • An international advisory group providing access to expert information and advice for equality defenders.