National Code (Muluki Ain) 2020 (1963)

Tuesday, 17 August, 2010

The National Code of Nepal (in Nepalese only) is the first unified law enacted in the 20th Century, more specifically, on 2020 Bhadra 1 (1963) with the objective of maintaining peace and fostering good relations among people irrespective of class, caste or region. Procedural, criminal, civil, and penal provisions are incorporated in the law. The National Code has been amended many times due to changing social, political, and economical situation of Nepal. Here, we have described only the chapters related to women's rights, that is, chapters on parental property rights, marriage, abortion, and sexual offences. The 11th and 12th amendments to the National Code by the Act to Amend Some of the Nepal Acts for Maintaining Gender Equality, 2063 (2006) could be considered as landmark amendments for ensuring rights of women in Nepal.

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