Assulted and Accused - Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Tunisia

Wednesday, 25 November, 2015
Extract from the report: A woman is raped and blamed for her assault. A wife is relentlessly beaten at home and told to bear it. A gay man is attacked and is more likely to be prosecuted than his attacker. A sex worker working illegally is abused and blackmailed by the police. All too often survivors of sexual and gender-based violence in Tunisia are blamed and punished for the crimes they have suffered (...) This report, which includes interviews with dozens of survivors, highlights how the blame culture and legal failings are particularly harmful in a country where sexual and gender based violence remains prevalent. It also shows that survivors face inadequate support and numerous obstacles if they dare to seek justice. Amnesty International calls on the Tunisian authorities to take urgent action to protect survivors by amending the law, ensuring effective remedies and providing comprehensive health and social services
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