Our Strategy


Equal in dignity. Equal in rights.

Equal Rights Trust Strategic Plan, 2023-27

Our vision is an equal world: a world in which everyone – irrespective of their identity, status or beliefs – can participate in every area of life on an equal basis with others. We work towards this vision by addressing one of the root causes of inequality: discrimination. We focus our efforts on eliminating discrimination, its consequences and its legacies. We do this through the law.

We see our role as enabling, supporting and serving movements working to combat discrimination and promote equality. We work in partnership to provide expert support those on the frontlines of the fight against discrimination, enabling them to press for the development, adoption and implementation of equality law, and to use the law effectively.

Our Strategic Plan, Equal in dignity. Equal in rights, builds on our fifteen years’ experience supporting the adoption, enforcement and implementation of equality laws and is informed by our engagement with many hundreds of equality activists, advocates and academics over the last year. It sets out how we will focus our efforts on responding to four major challenges which must be addressed if states are to eliminate discrimination.