The Equal Rights Trust celebrates the recognition of Huda Al-Sarari – a Yemeni human rights defender who has played a pivotal role in exposing secret prisons and detention sites operated by foreign governments in Yemen – as one of three Aurora Humanitarians, one of whom will be named the Aurora Prize Laureate in October 2019.

European Committee of Social Rights finds Bulgarian family allowances laws discriminatory  

Today, the Equal Rights Trust launches Equality in Practice: Implementing Serbia’s Equality LawsThe result of both desk-based research and extensive field research, including focus groups, community consultation meetings and 57 one-to-one interviews, the study evaluates the effectiveness of the current legal and policy framework on equality in Se

Today, the Equal Rights Trust launches its new report Sifting the Grain: 6,000 Testimonies of Discrimination and Inequality from Yemen, which presents an analysis of extensive field research on discrimina­tion, inequality and other human rights abuses conducted in Yemen by eleven field research teams between 2015 and 2017 and analysed by Yemeni researchers in 2018.

Today, 20 December 2018, the Equal Rights Trust launches A Past Still Present: Addressing Discrimination and Inequality in EgyptCombining testimony from survivors of discrimination with extensive desk-based research, the report provides, for the first time, a comprehensive assessment of the rights to equality and non-discrimination in Egypt.

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Today, the Equal Rights Trust launches #Together4Equality – a fundraising campaign which aims to enhance and accelerate its work for equality defenders around the world.


The Equal Rights Trust invites you to join us to celebrate the Bob Hepple Equality Award 2018 on Thursday 4 October 2018. The Award recognises the outstanding contributions of proponents of equality, with a particular focus on those who promote the comprehensive approach to equality which drives our work at the Trust. This year we are celebrating legal victories in the field of equality.

Bob Hepple Equality Award wInner 2018: Shahla Ismayil

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The Trust is seeking new trustees with relevant skills and expertise to join our international Board of Trustees and help us to achieve our objectives. You will play an important role in helping us to realise our new five-year strategy, which was launch in April 2018.


Do you know of somebody who has made a significant contribution to combating discrimination or advancing equality, but who has not yet received the credit they deserve? If so, please nominate them for the fourth annual Bob Hepple Equality Award.


Today, the Equal Rights Trust launches From Night to Darker Night: Addressing Discrimination and Inequality in Yemen. This report – conceived before the outbreak of the current conflict in Yemen, but completed in its shadow – exposes the disproportionate impact which the conflict has had on those exposed to discrimination.