London, 3 July 2015 

Equality and human rights advocates from around the world will celebrate equal rights on Thursday 16 July as former anti-apartheid lawyer, Professor Sir Bob Hepple QC, presents equal rights activists with the inaugural Bob Hepple Equality Award. 

London, 29 June 2015
The May 2015 tragedy that unfolded as thousands of Rohingya were left stranded at sea, alongside discoveries of trafficking camps and mass graves in Thailand and Malaysia, is the latest chapter in a decades-long saga of acute abuse and limited protection experienced by Rohingya.

London, 26 June 2015

The Equal Rights Trust marks today, the UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, by calling for increased international attention on the prevalence of discriminatory torture and ill-treatment. The Trust works to document and raise awareness of the link between discrimination and torture as this intersection remains underexplored and the violations not adequately addressed.

London, 15 June 2015
On 1 June 2015, the US Supreme Court issued an opinion on the case Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Petitioner v  Abercrombie & Fitch Stores, Inc. stating that employers have an affirmative duty to accommodate an applicant’s religious practice, even if the applicant has not informed the employer of such need. 

London, 10 June 2015

On 23 May 2015, the Law for Health Care Relating to Control of Population Growth (The Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Law 28/2015), which allows authorities the power to implement "birth spacing", was signed by President Thein Sein. The Law is one of four pieces of legislation that together make up the “Protection of Race and Religion Laws”, a package of bills reported to have been driven by nationalist Buddhist monks with an anti-Muslim agenda. The law permits the government to control population growth in certain areas by limiting how often women may have children. It has been widely condemned both for violating women’s rights and for its potential to be used as a tool for ethnic and religious discrimination against communities like the Rohingya.

London, 26 May 2015

On Friday 22 May 2015, Ireland voted 62.1% in favour of legalising same-sex marriage and is set to be the nineteenth country in the world to recognise an equal right to marry regardless of sexual orientation. The Equal Rights Trust strongly welcomes the ends, but issues caution on the means employed.

London, 27 May 2015 

The Equal Rights Trust has today called on the government of Malaysia to establish an independent and comprehensive investigation into allegations that immigration officials were actively involved in the trafficking of stateless Rohingya migrants. The Trust’s call follows the discovery on 25 May of 28 suspected human trafficking camps and 139 mass graves in northern Malaysia, close to the Thai border. 

London, 21 May 2015

The Equal Rights Trust has today called for the establishment of an international Commission of Inquiry on the involvement of the government of Myanmar in the persecution of the Rohingya, stressing that the government’s persistent failure to respect, protect and fulfil the rights of the Rohingya population is the root cause of the refugee crisis of the last two weeks. In the wake of the announcement, on 20 May, by Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand that they will offer temporary shelter to up to 7000 stateless Rohingya refugees and migrants from Bangladesh stranded in the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea, the Trust is concerned that the stateless Rohingya issue remains as far as ever from an acceptable solution.

London, April 17 2015

The Equal Rights Trust is accepting papers for the fifteenth edition of its Equal Rights Review (ERR), an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal on equality. Launched in 2008 and released bi-annually, the journal is a resource for those seeking to combat discrimination or promote equality globally.

London, 31st March 2015

"My line manager wrote in her referral, "K has reported that proprietary shampoos make the condition (eczema) worse and therefore she does not wash her hair very often. This is causing a significant odour and is not conducive to working within the team room" (...) The most malicious team member opened a window in a symbolic gesture, accused me of disrespecting the team, and said I had 'run out of excuses.'" - Testimony from a woman discriminated at work due to her association with Islam, The Equal Rights Review, Volume 14.