Litigator's Guide Seeks to Advance the Social and Economic Rights of the World's Most Disadvantaged

On Wednesday 10 December, Human Rights Day, the Equal Rights Trust launched Economic and Social Rights in the Courtroom: A Litigator's Guide to Using Equality and Non-Discrimination Strategies to Advance Economic and Social Rights, at Matrix Chambers in London with Sir Bob Hepple QC.  

The Guide identifies equality and non-discrimination strategies that NGOs, lawyers and activists may employ in seeking to advance economic and social rights (ESRs) before courts. It is also accompanied by an online Compendium of useful cases in which equality and non-discrimination concepts and approaches have been employed to advance ESRs.

Speaking about the Guide, Dimitrina Petrova, Executive Director of the Equal Rights Trust, said:

The gulf between the social and economic rights of many people around the world and their realities is stark and the Trust believes strongly in the potential for equality and non-discrimination strategies to narrow that gulf.

We have used our expertise in equality and non-discrimination law to prepare what we feel is a practical guide for litigators and we encourage them to use it to join us in seeking to advance the social and economic rights of the most disadvantaged.

The Guide is split into three parts. Having introduced the rights framework, the Guide identifies conceptual and practical reasons why equality and non-discrimination arguments should be employed when challenging violations of ESRs. It then presents clear and practical guidance on how to use equality and non-discrimination strategies in courtrooms around the world.

The event, facilitated by the Equal Rights Trust's Chair Saphieh Ashtiany, featured a lecture by the Trust’s Honorary President, Sir Bob Hepple QC, entitled “Achieving socio-economic rights through the principle of equality”.

Work on the Guide was supported by the Ford Foundation. The launch event was supported by Matrix Chambers. A web PDF of the Guide can be downloaded here and the Compendium here