Join our Equality Movement: Stand up for someone else's rights

Tomorrow on Human Rights Day, we are called on to stand up for somebody else’s rights.

At the Equal Rights Trust, we have been standing up for the rights of others for almost a decade. Now we need you to stand up and support our #Campaign4Equality so we can keep up this work.

Supporting equality movements worldwide

In 2009, we began supporting activists and lawyers in Kenya and in India to combat discrimination. Today, we’re supporting equality movements in more than 40 countries, in five different continents. Over the years, we’ve supported thousands of human rights defenders and the equality network is getting louder and stronger.

We help journalists, lawyers, civil society and others to stand up for the rights of the most marginalised people in our societies. We provide training, establish coalitions and provide practical support to help others to expose abuses, to advocate for legal reforms and to press for change through the courts.

With your help we can keep up this work. Please donate to our #Campaign4Equality by contacting

Our work is supported by governments and foundations, but most of them fund only 90% of our costs, requiring us to find the remaining 10%. So, every donation you make to the #Campaign4Equality unlocks 10 times that amount to support equality activists.

So this Human Rights Day, please join the equality movement. Please help us to stand up for someone else’s rights.

Please give what you can.





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