Equality Defenders at Heart of Our Newly Launched Strategy

The Equal Rights Trust is proud to launch our new five-year strategy in which we espouse our vision for an equal world. It is a challenging time in the struggle for equality, with many equality defenders facing a shrinking civic space and rising intolerance. However, it is also a time of opportunity. More countries are adopting comprehensive anti-discrimination laws and social movements for equality, such as the recent #MeToo campaign, are having an impact.

Our strategy is launched following a period of strategic review in which we assessed our impact and consulted our partners and beneficiaries. This review established clearly that those work­ing to create an equal world – the global com­munity of equality defenders – want and need the kind of support which the Trust can pro­vide. Accordingly, our strategy builds on our work to date and reaffirms our commitment to working in partnership to secure the enactment and implementation of equality laws around the world. Our review also confirmed our core belief: that in the struggle for equality, we are stronger together. We launch our new strategy with a renewed determination to serve all those en­gaged in this struggle.

Strategy pyramid


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