Equal Rights Trust will fight outrageous Kenyan Draft Anti-Homosexuality Bill

On 14 August 2014, the Equal Rights Trust's Executive Director, Dimitrina Petrova, released the following statement in response to the ‘Anti-Homosexuality Bill’ presented to the Kenyan National Assembly by the Republican Liberty Party:
“The Draft Bill makes surreal reading and it is difficult to believe that it has been meant in earnest. Not only same sex sexual intimacy, but any attempts of such intimacy, or any promotion of homosexuality in any way whatsoever, are declared offences punishable by life imprisonment for Kenyan nationals and death by stoning in public for foreigners. No lighter sentence than life imprisonment is mentioned anywhere in the Draft Bill. Life imprisonment for Kenyans and death by stoning in public for non-Kenyans also awaits any journalist who would dare reveal any details from closed court hearings on homosexuality cases, as well as heads of NGOs “promoting” homosexuality. The Equal Rights Trust will produce a detailed legal analysis in the coming week, but it is clear from first glance that the Draft Bill violates both the Kenyan Constitution and international human rights law. It is hard to believe that such a piece of legislation will even be discussed in the Kenyan parliament.” 

To read more about the Draft Bill click here.