The Equal Rights Review: A New Journal to Promote the Equalities Debate

London, 28 March 2008

Today, The Equal Rights Trust published the first issue of The Equal Rights Review (ERR), an interdisciplinary biannual intended as a forum for the exchange of legal, philosophical, sociological and other ideas and practical insights from progressive movements promoting equality. Its special focus will be on the complex and complementary relationship between the different forms of discrimination and on developing strategies for translating the principles of equality into practice. ERR will be useful to national and regional experts, students, policy makers and practitioners. It will contain innovative theoretic articles, legal commentary, policy oriented analysis and advocacy reports. Especially welcome are contributions that generate debate.

The journal is available in print as well as online.

Contents of Volume One (2008):

Dimitrina Petrova: A Right to Equality Integral to Universal Human Rights: Editor’s Welcome to The Equal Rights Review

Jarlath Clifford: Locating Equality: from Historical Philosophical Thought to Modern Legal Norms

Paola Uccellari: Multiple Discrimination: How Law Can Reflect Reality

Patrick Delaney: Legislating for Equality in Colombia: Constitutional Jurisprudence, Tutelas, and Social Reform

Claude Cahn: Slums, the Right to Adequate Housing and the Ban on Discrimination

Testimony of an “erased” stateless person from Slovenia, taken by Donatella Fregonese

Interview: Replacing the Patchwork – a New Cloth for Equality? ERT talks with Barbara Cohen and John Wadham about recent developments in British equality law

Ivan Fišer: The Equal Rights Trust Advocacy

Current Projects of The Equal Rights Trust

ERT Work Itinerary: January 2007 - January 2008

To see The Equal Rights Review, Volume One please click here.