Can you help us advance equality worldwide?

Could you donate £10 today to help us to fight discrimination?

Women in Nepal holding an equal signAround the world, equal rights are under threat. Racial and religious hate crime is increasing. Misogyny is mainstream and LGBT freedoms are at risk. Equality organisations are being suppressed. For almost a decade, the Equal Rights Trust has been supporting activists to combat discrimination and promote equality. We’re committed to continuing this fight. But we need your help to fund our work. ​​​

In recent years, our advocacy has helped to secure essential legal reforms in countries like Ukraine. We have provided legal advice to more than 4000 women in Kenya. We have documented discrimination in Belarus, Malaysia, Sudan and many other countries. And we have provided training and support to thousands of activists around the world.

We are determined to meet the challenges. With support from governments and foundations, we are helping groups exposed to discrimination to fight for equality. But many of our donors give us only 90% of the funding we need, and require that we find the extra 10%.

So, we need your help: £10, $20 or €50 from you would allow us to spend 10 times that amount on our work to challenge discrimination and promote equality.

What your support can do

This is just a selection of what we are doing. With your help, we can do even more. Today we have launched our crowdfunding Campaign for Equality and over the next six weeks, we will share more stories of the work we do, and those we are working with. Please give what you can.

Remember, for every pound, dollar or euro you give, we can spend ten times that amount!

[Image credit: Stephan Bachenheimer/World Bank]

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