Campaign promotes equal opportunity for people beginning a career in human rights

The Equal Rights Trust has launched a campaign to support funded internship and fellowship placements for equality advocates at the start of their careers.  

The human rights charity sector is notoriously competitive and routinely demands some form of initial job experience, which is usually unpaid. Through the Bob Hepple Memorial Fund we are levelling the playing field, giving those without the financial means to work for free the opportunity to enter the sector and fulfil their ambition.

Here’s what some of our interns and fellows said:

Ben Smith It was disappointing to devote so much of my academic life to human rights and to find that many of the opportunities to put my knowledge into practice weren’t open to me. The Trust’s paid internship made all the difference to me." Ben Smith, Legal Research Intern.

“The Trust practices the standards that it preaches, making equality of opportunity a reality for individuals like myself who would otherwise be unable to pursue a career in the NGO sector.”  Fatima Adhash, MENA Region Research Fellow.

It’s not just our interns and fellows who benefit from our funded placements but we do too! The talented individuals who work with us support us at crucial times across a range of activities. To continue this initiative, we need your help!

Our Pledge - Supported by Doughty Street Chambers 

  • In the first week of its launch, our campaign reached its minimum pledge of £1000.
  • If we reach our desired target of £10,000 we can support four legal interns and a fellow for three months.
  • We are delighted that Doughty Street Chambers are supporting the Fund with match funding of up to £5000, with this added incentive we are on track to meet our desired target! 

Support the Fund!

More on the Fund

The Fund has a particularly special meaning to us. It has been set it up in the memory of our former Chair (2007-2014) and Honorary President (2014-2015, Professor Sir Bob Hepple QC, who was a leading equality lawyer. His achievements included his key role in the anti-apartheid movement in his native South Africa and his impact on equality legislation in the UK and worldwide.

"The Fund is an excellent contribution to Bob's memory. It gives people at the start of their career a step up, and furthers Bob’s vision about transformative equality and equal rights of all.   Mary Coussey, widow of Bob Hepple.

On behalf of the team at the Equal Rights Trust, thank you for any contribution you are able to make to the Fund.

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