Equality Volunteers Network (EVN)

The Equality Volunteers Network (EVN) is a network of people who are passionate about the achievement of equality worldwide and want to donate their skills and time as part of a movement to achieve this aim. It is administered by the Equal Rights Trust as part of its aim to ensure that as many people as possible are involved in advancing equality and so it seeks to offer a wide range of flexible volunteering opportunities to EVN members.

Who are we looking for?

  • Graduates and legal professionals with a strong grounding in human rights or equality law to assist with legal research towards advocacy submissions, legal briefs and case summaries on matters of equality.
  • Human rights lawyers with relevant expertise who are prepared to take instructions on a pro bono basis to assist us with our strategic litigation at the international, regional and national levels.
  • Social scientists with expertise in equality and non-discrimination to assist with relevant research and resource drafting.
  • Reliable people with a passion for equality and some spare time to donate to help us with our fundraising and events opportunities.
  • People with skills in graphic design, videography and photography to help us create resources and communications relating to equality worldwide.

What can we offer?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide financial support but we do seek to ensure that the EVN benefits its members. The Network is intended in part to offer experience to people seeking a career in human rights and/or equality. Amongst other things, it provides an alternative, more flexible and accessible route than internships. We offer:

  • A remote scheme designed to complement the day-to-day schedules of members who may take on as many or as few assignments as they wish.
  • Regular (but not too regular!) emails with a list of volunteering opportunities together with information about Equal Rights Trust events of potential interest.
  • First refusal on interesting pieces of equal rights research.
  • Feedback from equality experts to members who are looking to develop their skills in the field.

How does it work?

If you want to become a member of the EVN, please email info@equalrightstrust.org stating how you wish to be involved. If you are looking to volunteer on legal or social science research or as a lawyer on litigation, please provide a CV and writing sample together with your email.