Equal Rights Trust Films Urging for the End of Gender Discriminatory Nationality Laws

My Children's Future 

My Children's Future, a mini-documentary launched on Human Rights Day 2015, highlights the devastating consequences of laws implemented in 27 countries which deny women the ability to pass on nationality to their children. It follows the stories of women and their families affected by gender discriminatory nationality laws in Madagascar and Nepal. In one way or another, their human rights have been denied; they have been left stateless, unable to access essential rights such as education, healthcare and jobs. Click to read more

Sapana's Story 

Nepal's nationality law has prevented Sapana from passing on her citizenship to her two children, consequently, they have been left stateless. In this testimonial video Sapana expresses her deep concern for her and her children's future, describing their existence as bleak. 

The Impact of Reform: Stories from Indonesia and Kenya

In the last decade over 10 countries have reformed their nationality laws, resulting in many benefits for those affected. This six minute film focuses on two of these countries - Indonesia and Kenya - featuring the stories of those who benefited and speaking with experts who were instrumental to reform.