Equal Rights Review Volume Sixteen (2016)

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Intersectionality - Dimitrina Petrova


Good Intentions: Can the "Protective Custody" of Women Amount to Torture - Jade Glenister  

The Constitutionality of the '"Homosexual Advance Defence'" in the Commonwealth Caribbean - Se-shauna Wheatle


Reflections on the Value of Intersectionality to the Development of Non-Discrimination Law - Gerard Quinn

Intersectional Discrimination and Substantive Equality: A Comparative and Theoretical Perspective - Ben Smith

International Human Rights Law and Intersectional Discrimination - Ivona Truscan and Joanna Bourke-Martignoni

Intersectionality and Human Rights Law: An Examination of the Coercive Sterilisation of Romani Women - Siobhan Curran

Through the Looking Glass of Intersectionality: Making Sense of Indian Discrimination Jurisprudence Under Article 15 - Shreya Atrey

Intersectionality and Interdependence of Human Rights: Same or Different? - Johanne Bouchard and Patrice Meyer-Bisch


Kimberlé Crenshaw and Patricia Schulz


Layers of Marginalisation: Life for Rohingya Women - Wai Wai Nu

Case Note

Physical Fitness and Gender Discrimination: Entrenching Stereotypes - Sam Barnes


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