Equal Rights Review Vol Fifteen (2015)

Equal Rights Review Volume Fifteen (2015)

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Contents of Volume Fifteen:


Dimitrina Petrova - From Prohibiting Discrimination to Transformative Equality in Employment


Rebecca Adami - Counter Narratives as Political Contestation: Universality, Particularity and Uniqueness

Gemma MacArthur - Securing Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Rights within the United Nations Framework and System: Past, Present and Future


Michael Rubenstein - Recent and Current Employment Discrimination Cases in the Court of Justice of the European Union

Rachel Crasnow and Sarah Fraser Butlin - Disabled Compared to Whom? An Analysis of the Current Jurisprudence on the Appropriate Comparator Under the UK Equality Act’s Reasonable Adjustments Duty

Sam Middlemiss and Margaret Downie - Anglo-American Comparison of Employers’ Liability for Discrimination in Employment based on Weightism

Shira Stanton - Equality and Justice in Employment: A Case Study from Post-Revolution Tunisia

Equal Rights Trust – “No Jobs for Roma”: Situation Report on Discrimination against the Roma in Moldova


Equality in Employment


The “Small Incidents”: Sexual Harassment in the Media

Case Notes

Iina Sofia Ransom - Employment Decisions Stemming from Discriminatory Motives Outlawed: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Petitioner v Abercrombie & Fitch Stores, Inc.

Rossen Grozev - A Landmark Judgement of the Court of Justice of the EU – New Conceptual Contributions to the Legal Combat Against Ethnic Discrimination

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