National Legislation

Nepal Constitution 2015

The Nepal Constitution which includes a section on new citizenship provisions which has implications on the ability of women to confer nationality on their children. Although the constitution now states either mothers or fathers can confer citizenship on their children, there are still a number of discriminatory provisions against women to pass on nationality on an equal basis with men.  

National Code (Muluki Ain) 2020 (1963)

The National Code of Nepal (in Nepalese only) is the first unified law enacted in the 20th Century, more specifically, on 2020 Bhadra 1 (1963) with the objective of maintaining peace and fostering good relations among people irrespective of class, caste or region. Procedural, criminal, civil, and penal provisions are incorporated in the law. The National Code has been amended many times due to changing social, political, and economical situation of Nepal.