The Equal Rights Trust’s work in Russia focused on combating discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons, a group which faces increasing discrimination at the hands of both the state and private actors. Our work in Russia saw that we:  

  • Published the first ever study on the practice of the courts in cases relating LGBT rights, Justice or Complicity? LGBT Rights and the Russian Courts
  • Produced two practical guides for lawyers and service providers to help LGBT individuals facing discrimination; 
  • Trained 50+ activists and lawyers working with LGBT persons and other groups on how to use litigation and advocacy to improve protection from discrimination;
  • Supported a scheme to provide legal assistance to LGBT victims of discrimination and other rights violations, providing, in total, legal advice to 650 persons; and
  • Convened a series of roundtables to increase collaboration between LGBT activists, other civil society organisations and key stakeholders such as trade unions.