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Our work in India involves promoting better implementation of non-discrimination laws and combating discriminatory torture and ill-treatment of persons with disabilities.

Our achievements include:

  • Convening a judicial colloquium to increase the capacity of the Indian judiciary to apply international law and best practice on the rights to equality and non-discrimination;
  • Supporting 13 cases relating to discriminatory torture or inhuman treatment of people with disabilities, including Reena Banerjee and others v Government of NCT of Delhi and others concerning deaths resulting from appalling conditions in mental health institutions. In March 2015 the Supreme Court demanded answers from central and state governments in relation to the state of all of mental health institutions;
  • Undertaking ground-breaking research on the torture and inhuman treatment of people with disabilities and raising public awareness through the media.
Our present priority is to finalise a report on discriminatory torture and inhuman treatment of persons with disabilities and to secure positive judgments in all cases.