Bosnia and Herzegovina

Our work in Bosnia and Herzegovina aims to bridge some of the historic – and current – ethno-religious divisions in the country, bringing together civil society organisations from all parts of the state to focus on the implementation of new anti-discrimination legislation.

Our achievements to date include:

  • Securing the adoption of a government regulation on monitoring and recording cases of discrimination, through sustained advocacy by the Trust and its partners.
  • Providing legal assistance to more than 90 victims of discrimination and sponsoring five strategic cases, including a ground-breaking case of ethnic discrimination in employment.  
  • Establishing an Equality Forum with 61 member organisations representing discriminated groups from all of the country’s constituent entities.
  • Providing training on the Law on Prevention of Discrimination and international standards on equality to more than 60 activists, lawyers and public officials.
We are currently developing the first comprehensive report on discrimination and inequality in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and continuing to advocate for the better implementation of equality legislation in the country.