European Social Charter (Revised)

Friday, 3 May, 1996

Article E in Part V provides for a general non-discrimination clause. Article 20 prohibits discrimination between men and women in employment and calls on states to give recognition to this prohibition and take steps to promote the right to equal opportunity and equal treatment. There are also specific provisions addressing the needs of certain groups, including the rights of employed women to protection of maternity (Article 8), the rights of disabled to social integration (Article 15), the rights of children and young persons to social, legal and economic protection (Article 17), the rights of migrant workers and their families to protection and assistance (Article 19) and the rights of the elderly to social protection (Article 23). Additionally, Part I (under clauses 20, 15 and 18) includes the rights of the disabled to social integration and a general prohibition against discrimination on the grounds of gender and discrimination against non-nationals.

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