Equal Rights Review

The Equal Rights Review is a bi-annual journal on equality produced by the Equal Rights Trust as a resource for all those seeking to combat discrimination or promote equality. Bringing together a range of materials, each issue includes analytical articles, testimony by victims of discrimination, interviews, activity reports and assorted other materials, all related to equality and non-discrimination.
The Review is an encounter between legal, philosophical, sociological, and other social science, practice and movement discourses. Its special focus is on the complex relationship between the different forms of discrimination, and on developing strategies for translating the principles of equality into practice. Not limited geographically, it is a medium of exchange on equality issues between different national and regional experts, policy makers and practitioners. Some of the publications zoom into the detailed landscape of one country, allowing lessons from different jurisdictions and cultures to be shared and absorbed. Others address general and fundamental aspects of equality. The Review is neither an academic peer-review journal, nor an NGO activist newsletter. Instead, it combines features of both, seeking a synthesis of deep, innovative and original theory, policy oriented analysis and more immediate advocacy effects.
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Previous Issues

Equal Rights Review Vol 16: Volume sixteen of the Equal Rights Review focuses on intersectionality which asks how relevant - if at all - intersectionality is for understanding and fighting discrimination. The issue includes articles from equality and intersectionality experts, Gerard Quinn, Se-shauna Wheatle and Siobhan Curran as well as testimony from Rohingya activist Wai Wai Nu and interview contrasting opinions from Kimberle Crenshaw and Patricia Schulz.

Equal Rights Review Vol 15: Volume fifteen focuses on equality in employment, looking at topics including: recent employment discrimination cases in the Court of Justice of the EU, how the Roma have been discriminated in this area in Moldova and discrimination in employment based on weightism. Testimony is also provided from a women working in the media in Pakistan who had been continually discriminated against because of her gender.

Equal Rights Review Vol 14: Among topics, this issue discusses the protection from religious discrimination in human rights law, effective equality monitoring to identify religious discrimination, and the impact of religious discrimination across key areas of life such as in the workplace and education systems. Opinions of two expert scholars on freedom of religion are contrasted, outlining their views, from the relationship between religion and gender equality, to religious symbolism and schools.

Equal Rights Review Vol 13: Published in September 2014, volume thirteen focuses on equality and development, including interview with David Bull, Executive Director of UNICEF UK, and Gay MacDougall, Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence at the Leitner Center for International Law and Justice at Fordham University. The volume also includes testimony from a growing women’s rights movement in Kenya.

Equal Rights Review Vol 12: Volume twelve contains a special section on equality and socio-economic rights, as well as an interview on the same issue with Geoff Budlender, a practising barrister in South Africa and one of the founders of the Legal Resources Centre, and Iain Byrne, Acting Head of the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Team at Amnesty International.

Equal Rights Review Vol 11: With interview from Robin Allen QC, a barrister at Cloisters Chambers in the UK and consultant to Age UK and Age International, and Alexandre Kalache, President of the International Longevity Centre in Brazil and Global Ambassador on Ageing for HelpAge International, alongside other academic articles this volume focuses on age discrimination.

Equal Rights Review Vol 10: This issue contains a special section on equal rights to family life, including interview with Dr Ian Curry-Sumner, owner of Voorts Juridische Diensten, former Senior University Lecturer at Utrecht University in the Netherlands and expert on comparative family and private international law, and Mr Stephen Gilbert MP, Member of Parliament for the Liberal Democrat party in the UK and strong proponent of legislating for same-sex marriage.

Equal Rights Review Vol 9: Published in September 2012, this issue contains a special section on disability equality, including interview with Hiroshi Kawamura, Founder and President of the DAISY Consortium, Japan, and Kapka Panayotova, Director of the Centre for Independent Living in Sofia, Bulgaria. Testimony is also featured from a British Student Living with Cerebral Palsy 

Equal Rights Review Vol 8: With a special section on equality in education, in addition to academic articles this volume contains interview with David Ruebain, Chief Executive of the Equality Challenge Unit, UK, and Marcelo Paixão, Professor of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Other topics touched on include women and the media in Sudan, with testimony provided by four female media representatives.

Equal Rights Review Vol 7: This issue contains a special section on immigration detention and discrimination, as well as an interview on the same issue with Wilder Tayler, Secretary-General of the International Commission of Jurists and an expert on the UN Sub-Committee on the Prevention of Torture, and Professor Mads Andenas, Professor of Law at the University of Oslo and a member of the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention.

Equal Rights Review Vol 6: Published in March 2011, this volume contains a special section on the right to health equality, with interview on the same issue with two of the most prominent experts in health policy (Norman Daniels) and health rights (Paul Hunt). Other topics covered include the UN Disability Convention and its impact on European equality law and testimony from representatives of a Bedouin women’s organisation.

Equal Rights Review Vol 5: Volume five focuses on Kenya, with topics including an integrated approach to equality, the right to equality in Kenya’s new constitution and empowering disadvantaged groups in Kenya to combat discrimination. Testimony is also provided by a human rights defender in China and an interview contrasts expert opinions on comparative perspectives on equality law.   

Equal Rights Review Vol 4: This edition contains a special section on the issue of sexual orientation, with topics covering an assessment of the Ugandan anti-homosexuality bill, litigating the right to non-discrimination on the ground of sex. An interview contrasts opinions on equality in the courts and testimony is provided on torture and discrimination in Western Sahara.

Equal Rights Review Vol 3: This volume also contains a special section on the issue of stateless persons in detention, with testimony from a stateless child in detention in Egypt. Other topics covered include advancing EU anti-discrimination law, and an interview contrasts opinions on the pitfalls and possibilities of combating poverty through equality law.  

Equal Rights Review Vol 2: This issue contains a special section on the Declaration of Principles on Equality which was launched by the Trust in October 2008. The edition includes testimony from voices of civilians trapped in conflict in Northern Sri Lanka, and an interview contrasting opinions on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The Trust’s activities from May – December 2008 are also outlined at the end of the journal.

Equal Rights Review Vol 1: This first issue, published in 2008, focuses on the complex and complementary relationship between the different forms of discrimination and on developing strategies for translating the principles of equality into practice. Alongside academic contributions, testimony is provided from a stateless person from Slovenia, as well as an interview contrasting different opinion on British equality law. 

Articles in Russian 

A number of articles from volumes 1 - 16 are available in Russian. To view and download these please click here (volumes 9 - 16) and here (volumes 1 - 6).