Compilation of Articles from the Equal Rights Review Vols 1 - 6 (Russian Language Version)

The following articles focus on discrimination on the basis of religion, race and ethnicity and have been translated into Russian:

Dimitrina Petrova, Editorial A Right to Equality Integral to Universal Human Rights, Volume 1, 2008.

Paola Uccellari, Multiple Discrimination: How Law Can Reflect Reality, Volume 1, 2008. 

Shah, Shannon, Freedom of Expression and Religious Harassment: An Artist's Perspective, Volume 2, 2008. 

Paulo Uccellari, Banning Religious Harassment: Promoting Mutual Tolerance or Encouraging Mutual Ignorance? Volume 2, 2008. 

Dimitrina Petrova, The Declaration of Principles on Equality: A Contribution to International Human Rights, Volume 2, 2008. Daniela Ikawa, The Right to Affirmative Action for Blacks in Brazilian Universities, Volume 3, 2009. 

Anna Sevortian, Xenophobia in Post-Soviet Russia, Volume 3, 2009. 

Interview with Claire L’Heureux-Dubé and Kate O’Regan, Equality in the Courts – A Judicial Perspective, Volume 4, 2009. 

Christopher McCrudden, Raya Muttarak, Heather Hamill and Anthony Heath, Affirmative Action without Quotas in Northern Ireland, Volume 4, 2010. 

Bob Hepple, The New Single Equality Act in Britain, Volume 5, 2010. 

Sue Ashtiany, The Equality Act 2010: Main Concepts, Volume 5, 2010.

M. Rayila, The Pain of a Nation: The Invisibility of Uyghurs in China Proper, Volume 6, 2011.