The Equal Rights Trust Statement to the OSCE Review Conference on Problems Pertaining to Statelessness - October 2010
Date: 11th Oct 2010
ERT’s submission sought to highlight five particular problems of statelessness and urged OSCE Participating states to come together to find a common and sustainable solution to statelessness. The paper discussed: (i) present inequalities between the treatment of de jure and de facto stateless persons; (ii) the failure of the majority of the OSCE participating states to implement statelessness determination procedures; (iii) the failure of immigration detention regimes to recognise and respond to the specific challenge posed by statelessness, and to ensure that immigration detention practices and policies do not discriminate against the stateless; (iv) the failure of security detention regimes to recognise the impact that security detention may have in creating and exacerbating statelessness; and (v) specific challenges which emerge from protracted cases of statelessness – the Latvian case.
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