French Penal Code
Date: 12th Oct 2005
This is the French Penal Code. The overall purpose of this legislation is to categorise criminal offences within the French criminal system and to provide the general norms  of French criminal law. This legislation is most relevant to the right to non-discrimination and equality through article 225-1 and article 225-2. Article 225-1 states that discrimination comprises of any distinction applied between legal persons by reason of the origin, sex, family situation, physical appearance or patronymic, state of health, handicap, genetic characteristics, sexual morals or orientation, age, political opinions, union activities, membership or non-membership, true or supposed, of a given ethnic group, nation, race or religion of one or more members of these legal persons. Article 225-2 states that discrimination (as defined previously) committed against a person is punishable by three years’ imprisonment and a €45,000 fine in a number of areas, including employment and refusal to supply goods and services.
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