Join us in supporting Equality Defenders around the world!

Accurate as of 10 Oct 2018

The Equal Rights Trust works in partnership with equality defenders to secure the adoption and implementation of equality laws. For us, an equality defender is anyone – civil society representative, lawyer, journalist, government representative, philanthropist – committed to promoting a world in which all can participate on an equal basis. Between now and 10 December (Human Rights Day), we are seeking to raise £15,000 - £1,000 for our work with each of fifteen equality defenders

Over the next two months, we will profile each of these equality defenders, and talk about how that money will enhance and accelerate our work with them. 

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This week's equality defender is Sardorbek Abdukhalilov.

“The true meaning of our work is standing out firmly for justice and fair dealing even if it be against ourselves.”  -Sardorbek Abdukhalilov, lawyer, Kyrgyzstan

Sardorbek Abdukhalilov is a lawyer working with Spravedlivost, a human rights organization based in Jalal-Abad in southern Kyrgyzstan. The Equal Rights Trust has been working with Sardorbek for more than five years: among other things, we have supported him to bring litigation on behalf of members of Kyrgyzstan’s ethnic minority population and worked with him to undertake an in-depth analysis of Kyrgyzstan’s legal framework on equality and non-discrimination. We are currently supporting Sardorbek and other members of the Kyrgyzstani Equality Coalition to develop and advocate for the adoption of a comprehensive equality law in the country.


Please come back over the coming weeks to read more about other equality defenders we are supporting.