Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands – new report finds traditions must be challenged to address inequality

A new report published today by the Equal Rights Trust exposes the extent of discrimination and inequality experienced by groups including women; persons with disabilities; lesbian, gay and bisexual persons; and persons living with HIV in Solomon Islands. Stand Up and Fight: Addressing Discrimination and Inequality in Solomon Islands also concludes that a tendency for people to identify strongly as members of kinship groups or residents of a particular island, rather than as Solomon Islanders has promoted difference and fostered ethnic tension.

Solomon Islands

The Equal Rights Trust is working with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community to strengthen civil society responses to persistent gender based violence and other forms of discrimination against women.
Solomon Islands has one of the highest rates of gender-based violence in the world.

ERT Submission to the CEDAW review of Solomon Islands 2013

This is The Equal Rights Trust's Alternative Report to the 54th session of the Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in in the absence of the First to Third Periodic Reports of Solomon Islands, submitted in January 2013. The report combines an analysis of the constitutional and legislative provisions on gender equality in the country with an examination of some of the major challenges faced by women, based on testimony collected by ERT and its partner in Solomon Islands.