Equal Rights Trust Publishes 14th Equal Rights Review Focusing on Religion and Discrimination

London, 31st March 2015

"My line manager wrote in her referral, "K has reported that proprietary shampoos make the condition (eczema) worse and therefore she does not wash her hair very often. This is causing a significant odour and is not conducive to working within the team room" (...) The most malicious team member opened a window in a symbolic gesture, accused me of disrespecting the team, and said I had 'run out of excuses.'" - Testimony from a woman discriminated at work due to her association with Islam, The Equal Rights Review, Volume 14.

Rising religious intolerance and attacks across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, and the negative, and often over-simplistic, reaction of the media and opposing movements has heightened and created divisions, tensions and discrimination among, and against, communities globally.

Released today, the biannual edition of the Equal Rights Review draws on a broad range of expertise from human rights lawyers, academics, activists and other key experts to explore the impact of religious discrimination on the real lives of believers and non-believers around the world.

Among topics, the issue discusses the protection from religious discrimination in human rights law, effective equality monitoring to identify religious discrimination, and the impact of religious discrimination across key areas of life such as in the workplace and education systems.

Opinions of two expert scholars on freedom of religion are contrasted, outlining their views, from the relationship between religion and gender equality, to religious symbolism and schools, to what the human rights community should do to combat religious discrimination more effectively. A woman of Islamic faith, subjected to discriminatory harassment and bullying by her colleagues at work in the UK, also shares her experiences through the Review’s testimony, which highlights the prevailing prejudices felt towards Muslims in this country.

To read the Equal Rights Review, Volume Fourteen please click here.


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