Supporting Equality Movements

The Equal Rights Trust builds and strengthens movements to promote equality and combat discrimination. Supporting equality movements includes training civil society, lawyers, media and other stakeholders so they understand more on equality law, develop skills in monitoring and documenting practices of discrimination, and support collaboration and cooperation between different actors involved in equality issues.

Capacity Assessment 

In each country where we work, we undertake an assessment of the needs and constraints of civil society organisations involved in combating discrimination. We assess knowledge of international and domestic equality law and practices and we identify practical and strategic obstacles to advocacy and litigation. This is carried out through focus groups, structured and unstructured interviews and other research methods. 
By taking this approach we can effectively plan our engagement with civil society and other actors and provide a baseline against which we can assess our progress. 


We provide training to civil society actors and others on international standards and best practice on the rights to equality and non-discrimination. 
Our training ranges from increasing the capacity of journalists from Sudan and South Sudan to identify and challenge hate speech to training lawyers and civil society activists in Jordan to combat discriminatory torture and ill-treatment. 
From 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015 we conducted 23 training workshops and seminars in 13 countries, benefitting 500 people. 

Developing Skills 

In addition to providing training, we establish schemes to develop the skills and capacity of civil society actors on advocacy, documentation and litigation related to discrimination and inequality. 
These schemes involve the provision of training and guidance on how to monitor and document cases and patterns of discrimination, how to engage in advocacy, and how to develop legal cases. We provide small grants to cover the costs of putting the knowledge into practice. 

Working Together to Advance Equality 

We believe that in partnership, efforts to combat discrimination and promote equality are strengthened. We have established national Equality Forums in many countries, and supported existing civil society coalitions in a number of other locations. 
Our Equality Forums brings together organisations working on behalf of different groups exposed to discrimination, supporting them to develop and implement strategies for joint advocacy. 
In Bosnia and Herzegovina, we established an Equality Forum with 61 member organisations representing all of the country’s constituent peoples and national minorities. 
In partnership with the Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Guyana we established an Equality Forum which has proved highly effective in increasing civil society support for LGBT advocacy.