Malta: Employment and Industrial Relations Act

Monday, 2 December, 2002

This is the text of the Employment and Industrial Relations Act 2002 (Att dwar l-Impiegi u r-Relazzjonijiet Industrijali), enacted by Malta. The Act was initially adopted on 02 December 2002; it entered into force on the 27 December 2002. This version contains the amendments made by Acts IX of 2003, III of 2004 and XIX of 2006.

The purpose of this legislation is to consolidate, with amendments, the Conditions of Employment (Regulation) Act and the Industrial Relations Act. This Act is relevant to the right to non-discrimination and equality through Part IV,  which relates to the protection from discrimination in employment and sets out what constitutes discriminatory treatment (article 26), victimisation (article 28) and harassment (article 29) for the purposes of the Act. This Act transposes a number of the requirements of EU Council Directive 2000/78/EC and 2000/43/EC into Maltese law. 

This is an official translation.

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