France: Preamble to the French Constitution of 1946

Thursday, 1 January, 1970

This is the full text of the Preamble to the Constitution of 1946 enacted by France. It was adopted on and has been in force since 27 October 1946.

The Preamble of the Constitution of 1946 is relevant to non-discrimination in that it reiterates the position of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizens 1789, and proclaims all human beings equal without distinction of race, religion or belief. It asserts the equality of men and women, and the equality of relations between France and her overseas territories without distinction of race or religion. It also states specific duties of the state such as the obligation to provide free, secular public education accessible to all.
The prohibition of discrimination on grounds of race and religion is emphasized from the outset, due to the adoption of the Constitution during the rebuilding of the French state following the Second World War and the discovery of the atrocities of the holocaust.