Developing Resources on Equality

The Equal Rights Trust works to build the field of equality rights: strengthening the evidence base on discriminatory practices and the discourse on equality, and creating practical tools for advocacy and litigation. 

Equal Rights Trust Key Resources 

Declaration of Principles on Equality: The result of a collaboration amongst international equality experts, the Declaration represents current best practice principles on equality and non-discrimination. Click to download the Declaration.
The Equal Rights Review: Published bi-annually, this interdisciplinary journal is an encounter between legal, philosophical, sociological, and other social science discourses. It brings together analytical articles, testimony, interviews and other materials related to equality and non-discrimination. Click to read more
Country Reports: Taking a country specific approach, we analyse forms of discrimination experienced by categories of persons in the target country. These reports also feature a comprehensive critique of the national legal and policy framework related to equality and analyse the enforcement and judicial practice related to equal rights. They contain detailed recommendations to governments. Click to download country reports
Thematic Resources: These resources highlight particular issues where equality intersects with other human rights areas such as freedom from torture, freedom of expression, socio-economic rights or statelessness. Some thematic resources look at a specific issues across multiple countries such as Rohingya in South East Asia. Other thematic resources provide practical guidance on a global scale such as Economic and Social Rights in the Courtroom
Virtual Library: Alongside our research, the virtual library stores approximately 1000 useful resources intended for litigators, researchers and activists, as well as the wider equality community so that work can be easily shared to ensure greater cohesion to advance equality. Click to visit
Email news service: the Trust sends news emails to over 7000 subscribers, informing them about important developments in the field of equality, including through a Court Watch and Legislation Watch series. We sent 43 news releases between 1 July 2014 and 30 June 2015. 

A Collaborative Effort 

At international and regional levels, we develop resources in collaboration with thought leaders from academic, legal, governmental and non-governmental spheres. 
At the national level, together with our local partners, we assess patterns of discrimination on grounds including race and ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity, health status, age, disability, citizenship, and political opinion. We also develop an analysis on the legal and policy framework related to equality.

How We Use Resources

The resources we produce form a key part of our advocacy, litigation and capacity building strategies, and help to expose and raise public awareness on discrimination, so that states and non-state actors are held accountable to protect individuals and advance equality globally.